Dua e Kumayl: held every Thursday night throughout the year. Dua is followed by Zyarat and some light refreshments/nadr.

Sunday School: This is scheduled to commence at the start of the academic year in the year 2023.

Friday Prayers: As of the year 2022, these are yet to commence. We strive to have Friday prayers starting by the end of the year 2022

Ramadan: Joint iftaar programs and important nights such as the 19th Ramadhan and the nights of Qadr.

Muharram: Commemoration programs throughout the month. Main English event as well as secondary programs in various languages.

Interfaith & Multi-Cultural Programs: Our main calendar events such as Eid are enjoyed and attended by people from all walks of life and backgrounds. These are RSVP events and members are welcome to share invitations with their friends, neighbors, colleagues, and anyone they wish to share the joy of these grand events.

Kids Holidays Programs: Our popular children’s Holiday Program takes place during the school holidays.

Annual Camping: Youth focused end of the year camps
Youth Events: Various events are organized by the ‘Youth’ group.

Social Banquets: Get-togethers (for private bookings please check the ‘Events Bookings’ section).

Support Groups & Workshops: Topic-specific sessions to focus on the matter that needs attention.

Collaborations with other Communities: promoting working and participating in interfaith and cross-cultural programs to be hosted by us or attending such events to represent our community.

Events Calendar

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